Commissioned work


As a part of my working practice, I regularly produce pieces commissioned by others. This may have me in a collaborative role, or quite simply following a client’s needs. Below are some examples of the work that has been commissioned from me.

2014. Porcelain, underglaze, clear glaze, lustre, decals. Commissioned by Ben Quilty to become a part of his body of work and going on to be exhibited in galleries worldwide, these pieces were shaped by Ben, cast by Somchai Charoen, then cast by Alexandra Standen and myself, and glazed and decorated by myself. See for more. All images by Mim Sterling, courtesy of Ben Quilty.

2014. Porcelain and clear glaze. ‘Butter keeper’ made to fit a 225g round pat of Pepe Saya cultured butter. Keeps your butter fresher for longer thanks to the snug-fitting lid. You can buy these butter keepers from the Pepe Saya website, or at the various farmers markets that they attend.

2014. Tinted porcelain. Vessels made to order for Lisa Tilse in a group show at Gaffa Gallery entitled ‘Intimacies and Dichotomies’. See for more. All images courtesy of Lisa Tilse.

2014. Pre-made porcelain pieces with digital decals. ‘Mad Hatter themed tea-set’ was commissioned by the Rose of Australia pub in Erskineville. I had to create all original artwork for the sets, have them printed as decals, and then fire them on to pre-made pieces to made the images permanent. They are now used as part of a high-tea event run by the pub.

2013. Porcelain and underglaze. ‘ I Love Butter’ promotional campaign for Pepe Saya cultured butter, I was approached by stylist Megan Morton about producing a cup-shaped butter vessel to contain Pepe’s butter, which would be sealed with red wax and sold to customers. The below images represent some of the early, hand-painted prototypes, later versions being printed with a stamp. All images courtesy of Megan Morton.

2013. Porcelain and stains. Squares made to order for Peter, they had to have specific colours, sizes and markings. I was able to match the colours required as well as to produce a marbled effect, and to mark the gridded number system on to the surface of the pieces.

2013. Porcelain. ‘Y-bowl’ was a project devised and designed by Jennifer Byrne as a reaction to modern eating practices. The Y-Bowl sits on top of your thighs in your lap and due its double walls and air insulation does not burn your legs. I was approached about producing the Y-bowl for Jen, and was able to produce finished pieces for her from moulds provided to me.

Commissioned works